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STABROEK NEWS "intent to create mischief and mislead - 'Phantom' journalism" ; Krazy Kissoon - Burnham Admirer & Supreme Self-loather

Silly STABROEK NEWS engages in Phantom Journalism

Kaiteur's Krazy Kissoon - how long will they tolerate him there?

From: Sanjeev Samlalsingh
If the Indian group in the PNC like Teekah, Chandisingh, Shahabudeen, Ramsaroop, Pandit Sharma and others had complained to Burnham about African racism directed against them, Burnham would have been livid - part of Kissoon's Krap

hello Freddie the fool - tell that to the hundreds of thousands of Indo- and Afro-Guyanese who fled Burnham's terror; and to the Indian women who were raped and murdered by Burnham and his henchmen. Your obnoxious gutter utterings are indicative of your low self-esteem, self-loathing, self-hatred of you and your race and of your House Coolie mentality to suck up and try to be a political correct coolie; why don't you get rid of your name and have a new one, e.g. James Smith or a really long long like Chief Olokombo Idi Dada Amin Robert Mugabe Forbes Kabaka Burnham. You are typical of the coolies who sold themselves, their families, their friends, and their people for flattery and praise from those who murder and rape Indians. But your racist vile filth will earn you enough Kissoon Karma for several incarnations in the Heart of Africa, deep in the Congo and in Mugabe's land. You will love it there.

The rule of the PPP has degenerated in forms that are worse than under Burnham
Sunday, March 23rd 2008
Dear Editor,
I refer to a letter in your Good Friday edition by Minister Clement Rohee. It is an evaluation of the politics of Tacuma Ogunseye. I have adopted a policy that once Mr Rohee writes on the politics of this land, I will reply even if I am on my sick bed. It is important that those who care about Guyana and want to stop its gradual destruction by the PPP in a wanton display of political immorality that has exceeded the autocracy of Forbes Burnham, should inform the Guyanese people about this crass display of hypocrisy. Mr Rohee has armed himself with a pugnacious attitude, meaning that despite the ocean of venalities that the PPP is swimming in he will fight back and argue that there is proper government in this land. Even before the ink is dried on his letters, those of us who fought for the post 1968 freedoms of this country should not let political "has beens" like Mr Rohee fool our young people
The caption you gave Mr. Rohee's letter I found to be an advantage in my response here. It is titled "Mr. Ogunseye's approach in rejecting compromise and realpolitik as reflected in the day to day struggle for a better Guyana leaves the political arena open to the worst elements in our midst." Your title is actually taken from a paragraph of Mr. Rohee's letter. It shows the superficial understanding of political concepts by Mr Rohee and reminds us of the time he confused Dominica and the Dominican Republic when he addressed the UN in his capacity as Foreign Minister. Why he was not demoted after that humongous and unforgivable lapse shows the nature of Cheddi Jagan. Mr. Rohee totally misunderstands what "realpolitik" means But let's move on to more substantial dimensions of this letter.
Sadly, Mr. Ogunseye's politics has morphed into extremist forms. In the days of the WPA, Mr. Ogunseye acquired the status of a respected freedom fighter. Mr. Rohee and I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Ogunseye. He fought long and hard in an endeavour that not even Cheddi Jagan could match. What has happened to Mr. Ogunseye is that he watched as Mr. Rohee, Mr. Jagdeo, Mrs. Jagan and the rest of the PPP leaders took his efforts, those of the WPA and so many of us and destroyed the values that returned to Guyana after the long struggle against Burnham. I am not excusing the extremist politics of Mr. Ogunseye. In that sense he betrayed Walter Rodney. If Ogunseye reads the recent speech on race by Barack Obama he probably would back off of his present doctrinaire position. Listening to Obama was as if Walter Rodney was speaking
Few political analysts would deny the process of African marginalization under the PPP. The need to diminish the "other side" is a tragic game the PNC and the PPP have played while in power. PPP ministers like Rohee know that African marginalization is the terrifying reality that may bring down the PPP, thus the frenetic, Pavlovian urge to reject the existence of the process whenever it is spoken of by opposition forces. The really sad thing about the PNC and PPP is that they are hopelessly trapped in the race game where the "other side" has to be weakened. It is in this context that I feel uncomfortable with the concept "marginalization." I prefer the term "racial discrimination" because marginalization has a deliberate ring to it that I do not believe existed in the minds of the PNC leaders from 1968 to 1985 when Burnham died. And since 1992 in the PPP. When you refer to marginalization, you seem to wipe away the fundamental error in the political culture of the PPP and PNC, and that is they have to practice racial discrimination because it is the only way they can keep their constituencies intact. The tragedy of Guyana is that if the PNC returns, the East Indians will be diminished. The tragedy of Guyana is that once the PPP stays in power, the African communities will be neglected. For Guyana to develop, it has to go beyond the PNC and PPP. The African people did that after Burnham became totally intolerable. It is time now for the East Indians to reject the PPP
I believe the rule of the PPP has degenerated in forms that are worse than under Forbes Burnham. In my recent UG seminar (that causes so much questionable controversy elsewhere) I delineated four areas where the decay has become more frightening than under Burnham. They are: first, the labyrinth connecting the drug people and powerful members of the political establishment. It has certainly alarmed the Americans but the Americans have deliberately eschewed the exertion of pressure on the Guyana Government out of fear that if it falls, the vacuum may bring too many uncertainties that may have dire consequences for the region. Satisfied that it got Roger Khan, the Americans have eased the heat on the government. This unsavoury connection has spawned a group of rich people that have become more powerful than the government and the security forces. They are virtually the kings of Guyana. And they are buying up the country.
Secondly, Guyana must be the only society in the world where the children of the political controllers of the state have used state resources as if they own them. This is part of the degeneracy of the PPP that cries out for research. Burnham would not have allowed this. The wives and children of Burnham's elite circle worked in ordinary jobs. Elvin Mc David's wife was a junior teacher at St. Roses High School. An investigation would show that the children of PPP and governmental leaders have creamed off fantastic state jobs most of which are funded by international agencies. There is the absurdity where one of these children is being paid three thousand American dollars a month for a job in which she has not even a day's training. They have now moved into property and land ownership. If the PPP stays in power for ten more years, there will be no more state lands. They will either be given away or sold to party people.
Thirdly, it is highly unlikely that Forbes Burnham would have tolerated the corruption monster that has devoured the Jagdeo Govern-ment. Surely, Guyana under the present regime has emerged as the worst corrupt regime in the history of British, French and Dutch West Indies.
Fourth and finally, there may have emerged in the leadership of this government an element of racism that I do not think was ever as determined and poisonous under Burnham. If the Indian group in the PNC like Teekah, Chandisingh, Shahabudeen, Ramsaroop, Pandit Sharma and others had complained to Burnham about African racism directed against them, Burnham would have been livid. In the PPP, open racists are openly embraced. Rohee ought to know that if any thing is certain about Guyana it is its uncertain future.
Yours faithfully,
Frederick Kissoon

Subject: Fwd: STABROEK NEWS "intent to create mischief and mislead - 'Phantom' journalism"

Stabroek News is just another arm of the PNCR alliance hell-bent on destroying Guyana. They complain about Press Freedom yet they continue to peddle dangerous and misleading articles.

Stabroek News should provide information on Phantom gangs-- Home Affairs MinisterMINISTER of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has lashed out at the Stabroek News for its recent article which infers that so-called “phantom gangs” may have re-emerged.
Minister Rohee said the article’s intent is clearly to mislead readers and must be seen as an unfortunate development in the media fraternity since the role of the media is to provide information and not misinformation.
The Home Affairs Minister called on the newspaper to provide the Police with such information to which they have reported since, according to him, the government/security forces have no such information.
&#x201We are not going to allow this psychological warfare to succeed. We will not allow this rumour mill fed by the criminal elements to discourage economic and social activities, and we will also work as hard as we can to ensure that this tension is alleviated in the country’ – Minister Clement Rohee
“If the Stabroek News has information that this is indeed so, then they must hand this information to the Police to alleviate speculations to a headline story in a newspaper that claims to have credibility…We don’t have any information of any credible nature that there is any re-emerging of phantom gangs in Guyana.”
The Stabroek News article “doesn’t seem to be based on factual evidence”, Rohee added.
In its March 25 edition, the Stabroek News carried an article which inferred the possibility of the return of the “phantom gang”, citing the recent killings of Marcyn King -- sister of Guyana’s most wanted, Rondell “Fine Man” Rawlins, and Charlestown resident, George Barton.
The article stated, “This country must now brace itself for more killings as it would appear that the phantom squad is back; two death-squad-type murders in the city in recent weeks have pointed to this”.
Meanwhile, the Minister also touched on the recent cancellation of the last day’s activity of the Rodeo in Lethem due to rumours that gunmen were going to attack persons at the event.
Rohee said such rumours have several objectives which include a psychological warfare, creating tension, affecting economic and social activities and distracting the Joint Services in their mission to capture criminal gangs.
Government, along with the security forces will not allow this to happen, the minister assured.
&We are not going to allow this psychological warfare to succeed. We will not allow this rumour mill fed by the criminal elements to discourage economic and social activities, and we will also work as hard as we can to ensure that this tension is alleviated in the country,” the minister asserted.
Minister Rohee also warned that anyone who is found to be engaging in public mischief of this type will face the full force of the law. (GINA)

Intent to create mischief

It’s sad to see that the Stabroek News has once again shown its true colours of unprofessionalism and intent to create mischief.
I am referring to its recent article which maliciously tries to paint a picture that the so-called phantom squads have returned so Guyanese must brace themselves for more killings. They had pointed to the killing of Fine Man’s sister.
This newspaper is known for trying to stir-up issues that don’t exist, phantom issues I would call them.
Where is the professionalism in the media? And I say thank God for the return of freedom of the speech, but come on, there is a responsibility attached to it.
We don’t know who comprise the criminal gangs but their actions are demonic and aimed at destabilizing the government.KERWIN BROWN

U.S. to re-look setting up of permanent DEA office here- ShannonPresident Jagdeo hails ‘excellent’ existing bilateral cooperation between Guyana/U.S.

By Neil MarksTOP U.S. diplomat Thomas Shannon yesterday admitted that the United States has to “step up” cooperation with Guyana in the fight against drugs and illegal arms since the U.S. shares responsibility for the problems facing this country and other Caribbean nations.
Shannon acknowledged that the U.S. is the principal market for drugs trafficked out of Guyana, and said he was taking back for discussion to Washington D.C., another request by President Bharrat Jagdeo for the U.S. to have a permanent presence of its Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) here.
He said, too, that the illegal arms used in the drug trade and other crimes, flows from the U.S.
Shannon, who serves as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Affairs within the U.S Department of State, visited Guyana along with Commander of the U.S Army’s Southern Command, Admiral James Stavridis.
Admiral Stavridis held discussions yesterday with Army chief-of-staff Commodore Gary Best.
In the absence of both sound data and more robust DEA involvement, the U.S. will not augment resources for investigation and interdiction in Guyana, the U.S government had stated in its 2008 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (INCSR).
Instead, the U.S. government said it will continue to channel future assistance to initiatives that demonstrate success in treating substance abusers.
With Shannon’s visit and a promise to re-look the issue, the Guyanese head of state expressed optimism.
“I hope it (DEA permanent presence here) materializes sometime soon,” President Jagdeo said at a press conference he shared with Shannon at the Presidential Complex, New Garden Street, Georgetown.
The 2008 INCSR pointed to “weak border controls and limited resources for law enforcement allow drug traffickers to move shipments via river, air, and land without meaningful resistance."
The report pointed out Guyana as a transit country for cocaine, noting that “vast expanse of unpopulated forest and savannahs offers ample cover for drug traffickers and smugglers.”
However, the report did point out successes, namely the 2007 seizure of 167 kilogrammes (kgs) of cocaine, representing a three-time increase over the previous year’s interdictions.
President Jagdeo said that drug trafficking was linked to the criminal environment and once again committed to doing “whatever” for “however long” to get those behind the two recent massacres which claimed 23 lives.
Mr. Jagdeo said that some crimes can be reduced and prevented, such as by providing (skills) training and economic support for vulnerable communities “to keep young people away from the crutches of criminality”.
But he said the recent crimes, “terrorism”, did not come out of poverty, but just to “spread fear into the society.”“EXCELLENT COOPERATION”Shannon and Stavridis’ visit were premised on the improvement of bilateral cooperation between Guyana and the U.S and President Jagdeo hailed the existing cooperation as “excellent.”
The President praised in particular two initiatives – President Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Reduction (PEPFAR) and the Threshold Program funding to help the government reduce its fiscal deficit by improving its ability to collect revenue and better manage its budget, and in helping to develop a more favourable environment for businesses.
PEPFAR was introduced to Guyana in 2004 and has so far dispersed over US$100M in varying programmes here, including helping 18 non-government organisations, head of PEPFAR here, Ms. Julia Roberts told the Chronicle yesterday.
Among the hallmarks of PEPFAR projects in Guyana is the construction of a US$5M multi-reference laboratory going up in the Georgetown Hospital compound. Another flagship project is the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV, Roberts added.
Mr. Jagdeo reiterated that PEPFAR was a “visionary” thinking on the part of President George Bush and said the programme is “making a huge difference here in Guyana.”
Touching on the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Threshold Programme, which is designed to assist countries that are on the “threshold” of eligibility for larger grant assistance known as “Compact”, President Jagdeo said Guyana was pleased to qualify because of meeting the 16 of the 17 indicators.
Guyana is currently benefiting from a two-year US$6.7M grant to improve its fiscal policy indicator to qualify for the larger grant assistance.
The programme is designed to help countries meet three criteria: ruling justly, investing in people, and economic freedom to become eligible for a compact - a larger financial assistance programme of the MCC.
Specifically, the grant is helping the Government to implement the new Value Added Tax (VAT) system and develop ways to assist and educate taxpayers, while at the same time helping the government better plan and control spending.
The grant will also help reduce the number of days and costs associated with starting a business by modernizing and streamlining the process to register businesses.
President Jagdeo told the visiting U.S. diplomat that efforts to reduce Guyana’s fiscal deficit falls within the confines of the government’s rebuilding programme.
In an obvious reference to the Guyana Trade and Investment Support Services Project (GTIS), President Jagdeo thanked the U.S. government for helping to rebuild the private sector and make it the driving force for economic growth.
He said government was “grateful” for the programme which helps to build capacity of various enterprises, including finding markets