Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The show must go on

The show must go on
It is often said that when events of a national flavour take place, all are involved, regardless of which political party is in power. Lo and behold, in the wake of CARIFESTA X coming to Guyana soon, PNCR leader, Robert Corbin, had during a recent protest march declared that if the CNS channel 6 suspension was not lifted, there would be protests to make the tenth Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) which is to be held here later this year “unmanageable”.

Guyanese are dismayed and disgusted with such a statement coming from the lips of the leader of the PNCR, Robert Corbin, which, according to Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, is “irresponsible and potentially disrupting to national life”. This is nothing short of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is nothing short of child’s play.

Guyanese are flabbergasted at the infantile behaviour by Mr. Corbin in making such a declaration. They say this type of behaviour strikes at the very root of the PNCR which has over the years mastered the art of creating disturbances, disruptions and mayhem. Indeed they say that the PNCR has a proud and rich history of this kind of activity, known only to uncivilized societies.

The Guyanese people remember that CARIFESTA was the brainchild of the late founder leader of the PNC, LFS Burnham, and the first ever CARIFESTA was held in Guyana in 1972. Now some 35 years later, this very colourful Caribbean Festival of Arts is coming back to Guyana. The Guyanese people see Corbin’s disclosure as an insult to the founder leader of the PNC.

The people believe that if Mr. Corbin goes ahead with his plans, it will throw a damper, not only on Artistes coming from sister CARICOM countries, but also on Guyanese artistes and the entire Guyanese nation as a whole.

Culture, Youth and Sport Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony, in a reaction to Corbin’s outpourings said that the opposition leader’s statement was “unreasonable”, adding: “ it is surely foolhardy for any responsible national leader to threaten to sabotage an international event in Guyana to which the world is coming, based on certain local issues with both legal in the case of CNS TV 6 suspension, and global implications, the latter having to do with food prices and the cost of living challenges”.

Guyanese are fed up with this type of behaviour from the major opposition party and are questioning the attitude of some of its leaders. The people agree with Minister Anthony when he said “to threaten an international event full of socio-economic and cultural benefits for the nation is a virtual abuse of the freedoms guaranteed by the government”.

The people are saying that the PNCR and Corbin should not be allowed to carry out their plans to cause any disruptions to the smooth running of CARIFESTA X. The Guyanese nation points to the theme under which CARIFESTA X will be held:

“One Caribbean; One Purpose; Our Culture; Our Life”, and call on the leaders of the PNCR to pay special attention to it.

CARIFESTA X will boast an impressive line-up of activities, including the opening and closing ceremonies, culinary, visual, literary and performing arts, community festivals, grand cultural market, child/youth fora, symposia, workshops as well as signal events and super concerts.

The Guyanese people are looking forward for the hosting of this great and majestic event.