Saturday, May 24, 2008

Intellectual and moral prostitution from PNC racist sycophants

Intellectual and moral prostitution
The arguments forwarded by Tacuma Ogunseye are always interesting to read. It is amazing that he finds it so convenient to not only shack up with the likes of Corbin and the PNCR but to defend them to the end quite like a prostitute and her ‘john’.

While my comments in the letter pages may sound harsh it must be this way since he seems to be portraying an example of intellectual and moral prostitution which could be bought and sold on the streets of political expediency.

Ogunseye’s choice to become a supporter of the party and the people responsible for the death of one of the greatest sons of Guyana is astonishing since there seems to be no change from the politics practiced then by the PNCR and that practiced now.

Ogunseye, being a supporter of Walter Rodney and the WPA in the days of the Burnham dictatorship must have understood the fear that that dictatorship created and thrived on.

His attack on the Sunday Stabroek (May 18) editorial in his letter published on Thursday, May 22, is another example of his incomprehensible behaviour. The editorial as stated in the editor’s note dealt quite objectively with the protest action taken by the PNCR.

In questioning the actions of the opposition the editorial asked “Exactly what the PNCR took to the streets for in the first place is not altogether clear, since they seemed to latch onto any topic that was in vogue at the time, including the ban on Channel 6, the cost of living, and, most mysteriously, Carifesta, which was founded by the late President Burnham no less… it hardly does the Leader of the Opposition any credit that he would seek to make a major regional festival ‘unmanageable’.”

This should have been taken as good advice by the party but so arrogant are they that even the slightest hint of criticism is cause for an attack which came from none other that Ogunseye.

I ask Ogunseye, what service is it to Guyana or the few dozen citizens who are taken on the streets to protest an issue that is out of control of the Government? Is it as is stated in the editorial that Corbin has been under pressure from his grass root supporters to go out on the streets? Why would Corbin as Leader of the Opposition seek to make a major regional festival “unmanageable?

What justifies the pushing down of police barriers, frightening shoppers and panicking shopkeepers, how can that possibly be defended? Will it do anything to help the cost of living?

Ogunseye portrays himself to be a black nationalist but what is his interpretation of Black Nationalism? Is it the alienation of any other race? I surely do not hear him shout about wrongs being done to the women in his community? What is he and PNCR doing to educate the young men to give them some pride and teach them to generate income for themselves?

And Ogunseye don’t tell me about the opportunities, the Blackman found ways to earn and save during the days of apprenticeship and were able to purchase estates. There is no way that any regime in Guyana could ever be as discriminatory as the colonial masters.

Some of the creative thoughts that go into giving reason to hate should be channelled to creative development.

These so called black nationalists need to see that hate consumes the soul. Walter Rodney was not a man who saw or practiced race politics. How could Ogunseye, who was so close to him, be diverted in this way? Or was he just another opportunist who was willing to sell himself to any cause in the need for a battle?