Monday, May 12, 2008

PNCR continues to terrorise the Guyanese nation

The PNCR continues to terrorise the Guyanese nation

Dear Editor,
President Bharrat Jagdeo recently slammed Opposition Leader Mr. Robert Corbin, saying some $100 million which should have gone exclusively to paying registration scrutineers is being used to engineer his party’s anti-government protests under the cloud of rising food prices.
The President said Corbin’s party was engaging in organised “thuggery” to get persons to join his protest in the city, saying some scrutineers who were supposed to be out in the field observing the house-to-house registration process were told to join the protest or risk not getting their payments.
If the President’s statement is correct, and he has proof of this, then I urged the Government to take this matter very seriously.
It seems that the opposition PNCR will stop at nothing unless the duly elected Government is removed from office.
To see opposition party members burning the President’s photo with a coffin is a bad sign of things to come for the people of Guyana.
The entire international community of peace loving nations must be warned that the opposition PNCR wants to grab power against the will of the majority of Guyanese.
Hamas and Hezbollah have been branded terrorist groups even though Hamas won free, fair, and transparent elections.
They are fighting to regain their homes, which they lost to an occupying power. PNCR was voted out of power by the Guyanese masses in 1992 in free, fair, and transparent elections.
The international community and CARICOM nations knew that, from 1964 to 1992, Guyanese were held hostage and were terrorized by the PNC when it took power illegally.
Now that the PNC is out of office and out of power, that party continues to terrorize the Guyanese nation. They are trying to hold an entire nation hostage through frivolous protest marches.
It must be noted by the international community and CARICOM nations that this is nothing more than terror by the opposition PNCR.
It is now time for the international community and CARICOM nations to brand the opposition as a terror group.
How many more known criminals will the opposition PNCR protect?
How many more know dead criminals will be draped in our national flag by the opposition PNCR?
How many more lies will the opposition PNCR tell its people to hold frivolous marches and illegal protests?
The majority of Guyanese say that the PNCR is only interested in grabbing power by hook or crook.
I urge the international community and CARICOM nations to see the opposition PNCR as such.
It is nothing but terror when a woman says “God loves her” when she saw the Police coming her way where PNCR protesters were marching.
It is nothing but terror when the business community starts to barricade their properties upon hearing of PNCR marchers approaching.
Ask the poor folks in their homes what they think when they hear PNCR is holding protest marches?
Ask the teachers and school children what they feel when they hear of opposition protest marches.
Too often now this is happening, and no one holds PNCR to account for the terror they placed in the minds of Guyanese.
Enough is enough!
T. King